Moose hunting

In the northern parts of Sweden the moose hunting season opens every year on the first Monday in September and closes at the end of November.

Different methods of moose hunting are used, each carried out at a different location.

Moose hunting at Kukkola

You join the local hunting team and hunt in an area of approximately 20 000 hectares of ground. Every autumn, close to 100 animals are felled by some 70 men and women. In order to shoot this much game the Kukkola team uses a method of hunting known as driving. This involves half of the team waiting on stands and the other half walking through the forest in a long line driving the moose towards the shooters. In a successful drive it is possible to shoot as many as 10 animals. Specialised vehicles are used to collect the animals and haul them out of the forest. One to three drives are carried out per day, depending on the success of each drive. The chances of spotting and shooting the animals using this method are very good. For the sake of safety, no guns are carried in the drive but it is not uncommon to see animals trying to break through the driving line. This method of hunting can be arranged from early September throughout autumn depending on the number of remaining moose out of the total quota. Suitable for 1-6 persons.

Moose hunting at Risudden / Vitsaniemi near our farm

The hunt takes place on an area of about 4000 hectares of land and is carried out with the aid of trained moose hunting dog. The dog tracks the moose and barks when he locates it. In this way the moose is distracted, making it possible for the hunter to sneak up and take a shot.

This method of hunting is available from the first Monday in September through to the end of November.

Please note that weather conditions can change rapidly in November bringing snow and severe cold.

Moose hunting in Karungi from stand

This type of hunting suits the one who prefer not to make the hunting so physicaly demanding. You will try to get the moose from the hunting stand as the moose mooves out for eating in the early morning and at sunset. During the day, other hunting teams in the nearby area move around and might push the moose your way.

Hunting schedule for 2015 is from monday 7th september until sunday 29th of November

We offer set or customised package deals. We invite you to choose a package that suits you from the ones on offered below. Should you have any questions, or require something not listed below, please feel free to contact us.

Package deals

Package A – Kukkola, 5 days of hunting, suitable for 1-6 persons.

  • Hunting in Kukkola with the local hunting team, alternating between driving / waiting on the stands
  • Trophy
  • Accommodation in our newly renovated 19th century guest house.
  • 3-4 meals per day from our excellent kitchen.
  • All transportation between accommodation and hunting grounds.
  • Please see the hunting schedule for Kukkola which will be updated later in the summer.

Price: Please inquire

Package B – Vitsaniemi / Risudden.

  • Private hunting in Vitsaniemi / Risudden with a trained moose hunting dog.
  • Trophy
  • Accommodation in our newly renovated 19th century guest house.
  • 3-4 meals per day from our excellent kitchen
  • Hunting for 1-2 persons available on request. You can also combine the moose hunting with, for instance, bird hunting.

Price: Please inquire

Please inquire about the available options.

  • Airport transfers to/from Luleå in Sweden, and Oulu, Rovaniemi or Kemi in Finland.
  • Traditional Finnish sauna with hot tub next to the rapids, beverages and delicious local snacks
  • A share of the meat from the hunt.

Elchjagd mit loshund für 3-5 personen (pdf)
Traditionelle Elchjagd (pdf)